Quiet Print Week

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Its been a quiet week in the print room, so whilst we have had some time to reflect on old printing jobs, we thought it would be a good time to have a clear out. Some of our foiling jobs and samples date back to early 20o1 so we don’t think that after 15 years we will need such job bags again. Its funny looking back at some of the printing projects we have done that pass with time and seem to fade away and yet some have flurished into other brands.

We have even had the chance to move our fold stitch and trim machine to the other side of the room, so now we can work on it without the shredder taking over. a sweep of the floor and we should be able to have more room to store the various pallets of paper that turn up daily.

All that remains to be done is to sort through all the packets of stock paper on the shelves and actually stack them in the correct piles and throw away the odds and ends that seem to have collected in the print store. These will be used for all letterheads, comp slips, business cards and booklets.

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