Tragically Awkward wedding photos

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After printing some wedding invites, and stationery, mainly passport style invites, it always makes us laugh when some people want a print of there favourite awkward moment on a canvas print or a framed print of a tricky situation that they want to remember. Wether the happy couple have had a great time or things have gone wrong, a printed image or framed photo can always bring a smile to their face.

When it comes to your wedding day, everyone wants this day to be special and one that they will remember forever. Well these photos are extremely awkward and honestly nobody will forget these, but they are probably not what the person wanted to have from their wedding day. Some are on purpose, but a lot of them were not what you expected at all. Make sure you check out these 27 hilarious and tragically awkward wedding photos. Honestly though, they make for some amazing memories that they will be glad they have awkward or not! You won’t be able to help but laugh when you look at these pictures.

we have seen some really weird pictures but none as weird as these. click here for some great Awkward moments.

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