Wire Binding Services

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Wire Binders can give more of a professional look to important documents, such as client proposals or business presentations. The desktop systems can be purchased with two different types of finish. Either 2:1 ‘Pitch’ or 3:1 ‘Pitch’. This simply means that holes are punched through the document at either 2 holes per inch (2:1) or 3 holes per inch (3:1).

Wire binding is used on a lot of notebooks, calendars and training packs.

Differing from a comb binder, the wire comes ‘pre-opened’ and is placed onto special hooks on the machine, ready for paper. Similar to a comb binder though, holes are then punched through your document and placed onto the wire. The complete document wire is then inserted into a special channel on the machine, with a lever to operate the wire closer, squeezing the wire together to close and finish it.

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